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Gold Direct believes that if you buy gold online in bars or coins or silver bullion and coins, this will help to protect your private assets against the current economic climate. We offer gold and silver of the highest quality. Within 7 working days, LBMA certified gold bars, silver bars and coins will be delivered to your home or work address. No matter if you’re a small-scale collector or a major investor, we make it possible for everyone to buy gold online, to buy silver and also sell gold or silver metals within Europe. At Gold Direct you are able to buy directly from the refinery in a safe, simple and secure way. Our professional team organizes everything for you and we carefully handle the entire process. You do not have to concern yourself with transportation, insurance or safety.

Demand for bullion is actually growing as evident by sold out supplies and increased premiums. But that’s just the demand side.
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Ever since the financial crisis of 2008 the stock market has displayed a strong technical pattern – gradually reaching higher highs and higher lows. Much of the debacle about Europe’s debt crisis and the U.S. fiscal cliff seem to have fizzled out, and we are now left with a stock market that has risen in six months what it usually does in a year on average.
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