Pamp Suisse.9999 Fine, Minted Kilo Gold Bar

Описание на продукта

This fine .9999 Kilo Gold bar is truly one of a kind, it comes from the world famous Precious Metals refiner Pamp Suisse. The Gold bar stands out because of the Lady Fortuna mark and her Horn of Plenty. Lady Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune. She holds the Horn of Plenty as precious coins endlessly spill into her hands.

In addition to being backed by one of the world's most prestigious refiners, this beautiful Kilo Gold bar comes in a nice wood box, which makes for easy storage or display.

1000 Gram, Minted Gold Bar

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39 774,37 €
Тегло 1000.00
чистота 999.9/1000
рафинерия Pamp Suisse
Доставка 5 - 7 Days