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Transport & Logistics


The pick up of your order takes place directly after receiving the payment for the goods and will be on your address delivered at the most in 5 days.


Why :

1. : Because of the really good pricing :

  We negotiated a large discount on transport prices for their customers.

2. : The best insurance and the choice of 100% or 75% for the customer.

3. : The most fast and safe transport.

4. : The years of experience in transporting precious metals.

5. : Their short reaction time and their really good handling of any problems.

6. : and Their worldwide fast delivery network.

Note :

It can take up to 3 days for a money transfer to arrive on our bank account. You will receive immediately an email when the goods left our depot with the tracking number.

In case you do experience any problem during this process, do not hesitate to send directly an email.

Insured transport