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Spread your payments



1.Enjoy the benefits of spreading your purchase and payment,
  - buy your desired product in convenient steps -

2.Always safer than home storage

3.Continuous visibility of the current price of your selected product

4.Your acquired product sold quickly back

5.Send your acquired product on any moment to yourself

6.Every selected product is always LMBA certified*

7.Every product will always be fully owned by you
  ( not like a bank, you can lose money when they go bankrupt )

8.Securely store your completed product for a longer period against attractive rates

9.Two weeks of complimentary storage after completing your product ( free of charge )

How it works

1.Only accessible when you have an account

2.Select your desired product

3.Buy your first grains ( we physically purchase your grains and store them for you )

4.Complete the check-out ( your desired product will be fully added to your B + R Program )

5.Buy grains whenever you want and complete your full product

6.When completed, we buy back your grains and pay you out with the selected LMBA certified* bullion

7.After completion , you can make your choice : store , sell or ship it to yourself

8.Choose a new desired product !

Additional Information

Your grains will be physically purchased by GoldDirect
and wil be stored in the highly secured vaults of Baird & Co., London.

* All registration numbers on the bullion (bars) are unique to the products and are verified by the refinery who is a full member of the LBMA
( London Bullion Market Association )

Any questions ???, Don't hesitate to contact us.