Here you can safely store in an easy way, fully insured, all your gold and silver.

When stored :


1.Saving two times transport

2.Always safer to store than home storage

3.Sell your products quickly back to the market

4.You can send your products on any moment to yourself

5.All products fully certified*

6.In My Account, you can continuously see the market prices of your stored products

7.The products will always be owned by you (not like a bank, when it goes bankrupt and lose your money)

8.Fair storage prices

The system

1.Select your product and put it in your shopping cart

2.Go to the check-out

3.Choose "to your vault"

4.Complete the check-out

5.You will receive a confirmation email

6.When payment is received your product will show in your vault

Additional Information

All your items will be stored in the highly secured vaults of Baird & Co., London.
You will receive a digital certificate of your bought products.
At your request, we will send you the official certificate.

* All registration numbers on the bullion (bars) and on your certificates are unique to the products and are verified by the refinery who is a full member of the LBMA
( London Bullion Market Association )

Any questions ???, Don't hesitate to contact us.