Sell your gold and silver

Selling information


Open a Trading Account, or upload a copy of your valid ID in your account.

(A copy of ID is necessary and required by international law against money laundering and fraud)


Fill in your Selling List and send it to us.

We will offer your goods to a selection of interested parties (refineries, etc.) in order to get you the best price.


Within 24 hours, after you fill in your selling list, you will receive an email with the best offer and the selling agreement.

This offer will stand for 10 working days.

During that time, the offer can only change according to the market fluctations (indexing).

Example: when your goods arrive at the refinery within 7 days after our offer of 500 Euro, and the market price has gone up with 10 Euro, you will receive 510 Euro.


Send us back the signed selling agreement and order your shipping package.

This package will cost 25 Euro.

(Returned to you fully when the sale is finalized)


After your order of the shipping package, you will receive an email with instructions and the transport drop-off point.

(For yours and our safety, we only work with a package drop-off at the nearest depot of the shipping company selected by us)


Please remove the wrapping paper of the shipping package containing :

already labelled shipping box enclosed :

a) the packaging materials

b) one packing instruction

c) two shipping documents

(one marked "for customer", and one "for the shipping company")

Pack your goods exactly according to the provided instructions!!
(This is important, due to insurance reasons)


Bring your package as soon as possible to the shipping depot, which was selected by us.

Hand over the package, together with the provided shipping document.

After the hand over and the scanning of the package, your goods will be fully insured.


You will receive an email directly after the arrival and the inspection of the goods by our refinery, Baird & Co.

Within 24 hours the agreed price will be transferred to your account, after the package passes the inspection.

Note :

A) For the inspection of your package with the precious metals, we only work with Baird & Co in London, England

(one of the largest and trusted refineries of the world)

B) For yours and our safety: Immediately after the hand over of your package by the shipping company, every step will be filmed, monitored and documented, for ruling out any discrepancies.

C) For all shipping, we use only the most trusted companies. All package will constantly be monitored and documented while in their care.

Terms and Conditions