How to pack your goods


Remove the wrapping paper and open your shipping package

Take the contents out of the box, your package contains :

A2x shipping documents ( one for you and one for the transport company )

B2x individual airpocket paddings ( please leave the one on the bottom )

CZipbag ( s )

D1x large envelope

E1x small envelope

1.Place your goods ( separate ) in the zipbag(s)

2.Place the zip bags in the small envelope and close the small envelope

3.Place the small envelope inside the large envelope and close the large envelope

4.Place the large envelope in the shipping package

5.Place the Airpocket paddings on the envelope in the package

6.Remove the seal of the glue strip of the lid of the package

7.Close the box securely ( you can always use extra tape if you think it is needed )

8.Hand over your goods with the right shipping document called “for transport company” to the designated drop-off point of the transport company ( see sent email )

9.After your package is scanned, you will shortly receive an email with the Tracking code

10.When your package with your goods arrive at the refinery, you will receive a confirmation email


In case you receive a damaged or incomplete shipping package, notify us immediately and we will replace the package.

Do not send out your goods in a damaged or incomplete package, this will void your insurance!