Maplegram, 25 x 1 Gram Gold - Back

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This a new product from the famous Royal Canadian Mint.
Each 25 gram Maplegram is part of a divisible blister pack of twenty five one gram 999.9 goldcoins and comes wrapped in an elegant sleeve.

Each coin has a distinct serial number on the blister pack which when broken down into singles acts as an individual certicard with the weight and purity written on it. The sleeve that holds the blister pack contains the assay certificate to verify weight and purity written right on it.

Features :
• Divisible blister pack containing 25 Gold Maple Leaf coins of 1 gram.
• Each coin has a unique serial number.
• All coins are 99.99% pure gold.
• Coins are struck with the iconic Canadian maple leaf design and rendered in exquisite detail with the
unsurpassed Royal Canadian Mint quality.
• Attractive acquisition for first-time precious metal buyers and long-term investors.

Maplegram, 25 x 1 Gram Gold

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€ 1.096,58
Eventuali tasse incluse
Peso 25.00
Purezza 999.9/1000
Creatore Royal Canadian Mint
Distribuzione 5 - 7 Days