Queen’s Beasts, 1 Ounce Gold The Bull

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The fifth release in an exciting new 10 coin series! The Queen’s Beasts celebrates the British Monarch and the centuries of fascinating heraldry that has been a part of their story.

At the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen, ten heraldic beasts stood guard. The plaster models were created for the occasion, symbolising the various strands of royal ancestry brought together in a young woman about to be crowned queen. Taking inspiration from the original statues, the Royal Mint has created the sense of strength and courage the beasts were intended to convey. The bull is one of the most English and "earthy" of the heraldic beasts, a strong symbol of pride and patriotism.

Queen’s Beasts, 1 Ounce Gold

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The Bull

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1 242,76 €
Rozmiar w mm
Ø x thickness 32,69 X 2,79
Waga 31.10
Czystość 999.9/1000
Rafineria The Royal Mint Ltd.
Dostarczanie 5 - 7 Days