Dear GOLDDIRECT customer,
As you might have noticed we have completely renewed our website, which includes new products and is now more user friendly .
We are currently up and running with new software and products ,
the 3 new products are based on our strong focus on the client and their special wishes.
We are happy to introduce these to you :

1 - Spread Payments , 2 - the Selling Page , 3 - Your Vault .
We already had a lot of positive feedback from our customers on these products and their many benefits.

1 - The B + R Program , which is unique in the world ,

with spread payments you acquire your desirable gold bars .

2 - The Selling Page is the place to be for safely selling your products against the best prices ,

due to our unique software and system .

3 - Your Vault is where you safely and easily store your acquired products

against affordable prices .

Please visit your renewed . When you login you will see and be able to use all the new features .

Please, when you experience any problems or have suggestions , don’t hesitate to send us a mail .
Thank you and we hope you will enjoy the new page.

See you soon and kind regards,

GoldDirect Client support